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Plane Brains is dedicated to helping our clients produce and conduct safe, profitable and entertaining aerial events. 

We achieve this by applying and sharing our knowledge and expertise in aviation, finance, marketing, engineering and airshow operations.


Plane Brains LLC receives accolades from airshow pilots

and organizers

Plane Brains was founded by pilots and airshow coordinators for airshow pilots and coordinators. Our attention to detail and level of professional airshow operations is unsurpassed.  Read more about why people like to work with Plane Brains.



Plane Brains LLC... Providing the Brains Behind the Planes


An airshow is a substantial investment of time and money with many critical aspects.  None is more important than the aerial performance itself.  Much planning and preparation must go into making an airshow successful.  When so many things have to come together it is best to consult with professional airshow operations consultants and professional airboss coordinators to ensure that all of your time, hard work and money pays off. 


A successful airshow requires expertise in a diverse collection of areas including logistics, management, operations, aviation, airshow specific regulations, Federal Aviation regulations and airshow air traffic control or professional airboss.  At Plane Brains we realize that producing and conducting such an involved aerial event requires specialized skills and that finding the right airshow consultants and professional airboss to assist you is difficult at best. 


To provide the necessary help, we have assembled some of the finest pilots, thinkers and aviation consultants in the business. Our staff consists of people who have managed multi-million dollar projects for fortune 500 companies, have over 35 years of engineering experience, and have piloted aircraft for over 6000 hours with experience ranging from military attack operations to instrument flight instruction. Additionally, key members of our team hold degrees in business, engineering and education from top tier universities. 


In short, when you hire Plane Brains as your airshow consulting team and professional airboss support you get the brain power necessary to develop and smoothly execute your airshow.  Relying on the proven track record of Plane Brains' successful fortune 500 managers helps to ensure that your event happens the way you want it to.  (read more)





Plane Brains LLC is Building the 2015 airshow Schedule! 

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The Challenges of Keeping Up With Changing Regulations


In today's changing airspace environment it is becoming exceedingly difficult to produce an exciting aerial event or airshow and still remain in compliance with both Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards and the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) rules and regulations. 


Plane Brains continually studies changing regulations to coordinate your airshow or event while relying on our professional opreations crew and professional airbosses to ensure compliance and still maintain the entertainment value of your airshow.


As our members at Plane Brains regularly fly within the airspace system, we constantly monitor both established as well as proposed regulations to ensure that we not only produce an airshow for the current state of regulations but also prepare contingency airshow plans to account for changes that can happen between the time we start consulting with you on your airshow and the scheduled date of your airshow.


When you hire the team at Plane Brains you can be assured that we do everything possible to make sure that your airshow meets or exceeds regulatory requirements. (key regulations resources)

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